Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunday League Highlights

Sunday at league last weekend was... interesting.

We played out of our home pool room this particular Sunday (we are in a traveling league), which is a cool place with a large dance floor, stage, pool room in the back, booths, tables, large bar area, and even an upstairs part with more pool tables and sitting tables.

We walk in and bright lights immediately warm our faces.  As we walk by the crowd of people, we finally reach the back of the place where the pool tables are and we find out they are filming for some sort of music video.  Cool!

So, if you see something similar to these pics some day, you'll know they were filmed in Grand Prairie, Texas!

On this league, we play 6 matches every Sunday.  I suppose that's because it's on a weekend, during the afternoon.  I wouldn't fathom 6 matches per person played on a weeknight otherwise.

I win my first three games and as I'm waiting to play my 4th game, one of the opponents (who is currently in a match with one of my teammates) tells me, "you are a master player, right?"


Mister Red Shirt repeats his question because I really didn't hear him.

"You a master player?"

"Um, no, I wish," I reply kinda laughing.

Mister Red Shirt adds, "Well, you play good enough to be one."

"Thanks," I say sincerely.

At this point now I know the other team has their eye on me.  I'm the new girl and can play.

I lose the next match and the other team claps real loud.  I then play Mister Red Shirt and he plays good against me after I miss a weird shot, and he beats me and his team loves it by clapping loud again!

The last guy now has no chance and I run out against him.  This time my team claps loudly.  lol.

Then Mister Red Shirt has to play my boyfriend last.

He is again playing on the table next to where I'm sitting and says to me, "Your boyfriend is gonna kick my a$$ because I beat you, huh?"

"Probably," I reply laughing again.

Sure enough, my boyfriend beats Mister Red Shir.

As we shake hands with the team at the end of the afternoon (we won 24 games to 12), the first guy I played stops to tell me, "I just want you to know you shoot really, really well and I like your game."

"Well, thank you.  I appreciate that.  I like your game, too."

Turns out I was the only one on our team that gave him a loss.  He beat all my other teammates!

League is always interesting, isn't it?

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