Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EightBall Reminders

From my personal 8Ball notes/reminder that I love, from throughout the years:
  • break out early because insurance balls are around
  • solve trouble balls early
  • each 8ball game has a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • there are 2 areas of a table - one at a time (if do-able)
  • when you play safe, always improve your balls or block a pocket (i.e., don't just hide the cueball every time you play safe - multitask)
  • look for the key ball(s) first
  • if you have to give up the table, improve your balls
  • plan your work, work your plan
  • when in doubt, got back to your first instinct
  • don't forget the soft kick safe
  • can't run out? improve your position; and prevent them from running out
  • my first turn could be my only turn - take one ball at a time
  • stack the odds in my favor - lock them up or create an edge by messing up their balls
  • plan my run (where is the key ball?)
  • plan three balls ahead even for easy racks
  • identify the key ball and the ball to get me to the key ball
  • rise to the occasion
  • think of your leave if you miss - play a two-way shot if possible
  • enjoy playing one shot at a time
  • enjoy the challenge of 8ball
  • don't let up one bit
(remember, these are not for every situation - some situations can call for different options)

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