Thursday, September 17, 2009

Staying Down Thoughts

Not sure what is going on. Hmmm....

I was thinking I played badly at the Texas Open in the beginning of the tournament because my fundamentals were not solid. Because I didn't stay down well. The Wednesday before the tourney I spent two full hours on the practice table staying down but still felt that was the reason I played badly my first two matches.

Ray, aka BigTruck, recorded many matches from the Texas Open on ustream and I watched two of the matches this morning where my first match was in the background table and guess what? I stayed down! Hmm...

Makes me think I am over thinking this too much.

Doesn't mean I do NOT want to still work on staying down, though - I still think it will help a lot and want to get better at that. I also know that was only one match and in the other matches where I struggled more I might have jumped up more because those matches were mentally tougher.

After my second badly-played match, a friend told me I didn't look "comfortable" at the table in my second match - he couldn't really describe it other than that, but it sure made sense to me for some reason. I took that knowledge and it seemed to really help me in my next matches. I stayed down more instead of rushing my shots and I did indeed feel more comfortable. I think that helped a lot.

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