Monday, September 21, 2009


I got spoiled! The World Galveston Classic had matches streamed online for about ten days. I watched it during the afternoons and then when I would come home in the evenings after work or running errands.

Tonight is the first night in ten days it hasn't been on and I miss it! :( It's Monday evening - I'm back from my straight pool league match and there is not a Galveston World Classic match online for me to sweat.... :(

Speaking of the tourney, many people may bad mouth it and I know I complained of the lack of information in the beginning (which I still stand by), but I am very grateful for the free streaming!! Some people complained about no schedule of the stream and focus the camera and blah blah blah. Me? I am grateful I was able to see all the matches I got to see! I saw amazing one pocket, smart 8 ball and exceptional ten ball played by the pros and it was awesome!

I hope learning experiences of the behind-the-scenes of this tourney can be applied so there are future events - that I will try to attend!! I hope it wasn't the only one - it has AMAZING potential, especially now that the first one is under their belt.

Kudos to the World Galveston Classic!

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