Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting Ready for BCA Texas State

Have I really not posted since February? Eeek... and three tournaments to still write up.

In the meantime, let me share how I am getting ready for the BCA Texas State 8-Ball tourney.

I love 8 ball, but still need to prepare properly... and since this is a "title" tournament I do a few extra things than normal. Here are the four extra things I have done for this tournament:
  1. Meeting up with 8-ball Champ Jose Zaragosa. We played three races to 5 on Sunday; I only won one set, but learned a lot! We talk about options, safes, run outs, decisions, etc.
  2. Read the 8-ball section of Play Your Best Pool and some sections of Play Your Best EightBall. This is prolly the single best advice I can recommend!
  3. Get rest. Damn I need sleep.
  4. Talk about Pool. I asked Swanson Champion (Mr. Mitch Ellerman ) for some mental advice going into this tournament. Knowledgeable-ass guy for only 22! I have kept his text messages to read before every match this weeked. :)

I haven't received as much sleep as I really wanted, but hopefully tonight and tomorrow night I will get some half-way decent shut-eye.

In the meantime, I have league tonight (8-ball) and need to pack before heading down the Central Texas to the E-Center for the Diamond Tables tomorrow night!

I fully admit "Title Tournaments" freak me out. I also fully admit all the pressure is solely due to my own thoughts and desires. If I remember to stay down (my goal for the year), live in the present, don't worry about status (from Pleasures of Small Motions) and just enjoy playing the game I love, I should at least be okay with my performance, right?

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