Saturday, December 15, 2018

Nicknames on Tournament Flyer

The title of this blogpost is probably confusing to you.


Because you've seen many-a flyers were two guys are in some big money match and the flyer states their nicknames. Like "T-Rex Tony versus Scott The Freezer."

Ugh, so why are you writing about this, Melinda?

Hold your horses, peeps!

Check out this flyer that lists the entrants of the Ladies Division of the Space City Open that was held in early December in Houston.  (click image to enlarge)

I admit I was pretty surprised and thrilled to see nicknames of the entrants!  So, if they did this back when I still competed, you'd see me listed as, Melinda "akaTrigger" Bailey.

That would be cool!

It's not just the pro's who have nicknames.  And to see a flyer with mostly non-pros and all their nicknames mentioned on a flyer is a nice touch!

I love neat and clever things like this!

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