Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Improve Your Confidence

Just a few times just in the last week or so the topic of confidence came up.  Confidence and winning go hand in hand and it's an amazing jolt to our game.

However, what if you aren't winning?

Here's a tip:  Put yourself in a position to win!

What, Melinda?

I wrote about this exact topic back in 2011.  

Bottom line is, don't play in ONLY tough-ass tournaments all the time.  Or don't join the toughest league.  Sure, eventually you will get better.  But how about help yourself improve faster and win sooner by playing in not-so tough events.  If you get beat up all the time, when do you stand up?  If you get to win, you stand up taller and stronger.


There are more details there that explains the famous saying, "Winning Breeds Confidence and Confidence Breeds Winning."  

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