Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tough Decisions

The hardest decisions in life are the ones that affect other people.  When I stopped playing competitively, that tough decision only affected me.  Maybe a few others indirectly (like a team that wanted me or a scotch doubles partner), but only me directly.  However when you stop doing something that you are good at and that others appreciate, it makes it all that much tougher to feel comfortable with any tough decision.

Last weekend at the Omega Billiards Tour stop, after five and a half years, I announced through tears (how embarrassing!) that the Omega Tour will end its run at the end of the year.

The sponsor and I came to an agreement and we decided it was best for each of us.

Here is the official announcement:

After much consideration and sleepless nights, myself and the sponsor of the Omega Billiards Tour made this announcement today:  
"Due to increased responsibilities at my job and any potential future career opportunities and because Omega Billiards Supply (the sponsor of the Omega Billiards Tour) needs to make sound business and financial decisions, we are sad to announce we have unfortunately mutually agreed we can no longer move forward with the Omega Billiards Tour after this year. This was not an easy decision - actually one of the hardest decisions! - but we must each do what is best for our livelihood and future pensions. We are very thankful for you all helping put the DFW pool scene back on the map for the past five and a half years! We know in our hearts this is just a start for more amazing things to come to the area. We love the players, pool rooms and the fans and we wish you all nothing but the best in your pool journeys!" 
I want to sincerely thank you for always being so supportive, responsive, and a great friend to myself and the Tour.   Please know this is one of the most difficult of decisions.  

I've been keeping this inside for many months and have been having literally months of sleepless nights about this heart-wrenching decision; it’s tough to sleep with that much weight on you.

You see, when you know you're good at something that people love, and a decision directly affects people and businesses, a decision like this is not taken lightly, accepted lightly, or even able to put into words lightly.

I'm at a loss right now of what to say or how to say it except the fact is I've been in the pool room for 25 years and I need to get out of the pool room... for so many more reasons than I can even put down on paper.

Mostly for my heart, my health, and my soul.  Being in the pool room does not bring me peace and further, my job is suffering.  Running a Tour is really a part time job, and it’s not fair to my career (that pays my bills) to keep interfering with that.  I can’t possibly even apply for any promotions because I couldn't give proper attention to both the players of a Tour or my day job. 

It was a tough weekend and week hearing all the accolades that my hard work has paid off, the players loved how I ran the Tour, and the offers to keep it going.  But the decision is made.

The good news is, many have told me the Omega Tour has a solid foundation and great momentum, so a few players have already approached me about ideas to continue some type of Tour for the Dallas-Fort Worth area and so there will still be great tournaments in the area for the players - which was my dream all along and why I started the Omega Tour. 

So, the dream will continue, but it’s just time for a new leader.

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