Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I wrote just recently how I helped a friend of mine with his mental game.  We had several days' worth of great discussion, and then I provided him with some links from previous blog posts where I wrote about how to handle pressure, etc.

He told me he now reviews that material before his big tournaments.

Pretty cool, huh?

After the "pep talk" and reading material, he placed well in the next Omega tournament (in March) - placing better than the previous events for sure.

And in the April tournament this past weekend, he lasted even further than last month!  He lasted until Sunday and even got in the Calcutta money!  It's his highest finish in a couple of years of playing on the Omega Tour.

I was very happy and excited for him that the material and discussion is already helping him!  It's so nice when we learn to calm our minds so we can focus on playing our best pool.

My question is, where's my jelly?


Totally kidding!

I don't want or need a tip - my reward is seeing his rewards!  :)

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