Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trophy Disposal

Yep, you read the title correctly.

Am I /really/ getting rid of my trophies?

Well, I'm de-cluttering!  I've mentioned it several times now and I know you are hoping this is the last mention of it, but this time it's about trophies.

I can remember writing just only a few years ago about trophies and how I longed to win some of those really big ones I only saw in other players' arms.

You see, the leagues I had been in didn't give big trophies.  Plaques or statues were given in place of trophies.  So, when I played in a few tournaments that gave big trophies out, I was more vying for the trophy than the win (and of course I lost b/c my mind was on the prize and not on the table in front of me).

I remember people making fun of me, too.  "Oh, they just collect dust anyway, Melinda."  Well, I WANTED big dust collectors!  lol.  Here is just one story for ya.

So, every so often throughout the years I would win a little trophy and be SO happy, literally like a little kid on Easter or Christmas.

Here, see for yourself:

And then comes along the 'de-cluttering Melinda' trying to get ready for a garage sale.

One thing I need to share with you all is I'm a HUGE green person.  I recycle everything I possibly can both at home and work.  I bring used batteries to work for the collection box, take my own recycling to the recycling dumpsters because we don't have curb-side yet in my city, I am in charge of ensuring the proper recycling for my coworkers, and I'm even on the "Green Team" in my building and help participate in making the world a better place to live in by the decisions we make in our building.

So, when I decided which trophies needed to go (yes, I didn't chunk them all - I saved the biggest one, lol), I was going to recycle them and not just throw them away (of course).  Then I looked online to see if places accepted trophies and sure enough the place I order the Omega Tour plaques from welcome used trophies and reuse them for teams and sports of kids who can't afford trophies and prizes.

How cool is that???

So, I'm not just de-cluttering and being green, I'm also paying it forward to help others.

Now, let me point out that every plaque and acrylic statue I have are still on my shelves.  I'm not de-cluttering my whole pool life away, just the trophies that, well, are collecting dust.  lol.  The plaques and acrylic standing plaques are from State and National events and I LOVE seeing those on my walls and shelves.

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