Friday, April 21, 2017

Emily and Harry (video clip)

Pretty dang cool when pool makes mainstream, right?

My friend and professional pool player, Emily Duddy, was on the show "Harry," which is a daytime talk show hosting by the hot singer/actor himself, Harry Connick Jr.

Here are two clips from the show of the episode she was on just this week:


I unfortunately first met Emily in a match at BCAPL Nationals in Vegas, lol.  I thought I would get to shoot more, as every time a tough shot was in front of her, I knew I'd get another chance at the table. Well, I was WRONG. She made tough shots and had great outs.

But I enjoyed meeting her and it has been so cool our paths have crossed throughout the last 8 years, where we get the usual selfies and hugs.

It's also been cool as fellow female player to see her rise to stardom.  I am so proud of her accomplishments on the table and in the media (she has been on other tv shows as well and in print magazines a lot).

Show her some love over at

Or, follow her and other pros at the WPBA US Open THIS weekend!  All six tables are being streamed live.  Check it out.

Congrat's, Emily, on being on the show!

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