Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Aren't You a Five?

During my first match of the Omega tournament last weekend at Pucketts in south Fort Worth, Texas, I'm playing against a friend of mine, who is a really good player.

As I mentioned, I played really sporty in this match!

The Omega Billiards Tour is handicapped and the rankings range from 5 to 9.  If you are a 6, for example, then you race to 6.

I am a 6 in this tournament and my opponent is a 7.  I race to 6, he races to 7.

I find myself up 4-2 and as I make the 9-ball he comes up to me to shake my hand.  I look at him funny and he says, "Isn't it over?"

I looked at the score and move my coin to 5, which puts me on the hill and I so needed one more game.

"No, it's not over yet."

He asks me gently but seriously, "aren't you a 5?"


Uh, NO I'm not 5!  OMG he thought I was a 5?  Don't I play better than a 5?  I thought he knew me!  lol.

I replied nicely, "No, Imma 6."

He says, "Oh, I thought you were a 5.  When did you move up to a 6?"  And he's serious!

OMG.... lol

"I've always been a 6....." I share with him, in disbelief.

At this point I'm seriously trying not to be offended and just trying to focus solely on the fact I need only one more game to win the match.

Luckily, I do in fact win the next game and yet still shocked and funny he thought I was a 5.  I swear I don't play that bad!

I told this story several times to friends over the weekend and they all laughed at me.   lol!

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Great shooting!