Monday, July 11, 2016

I Played Pool. Wait, What?

I mentioned I had been taking a hiatus from leagues, and kinda from pool in general.  But I also mentioned I needed to play in 4 Omega Tour stops to qualify for the Season Finale.  It has at least $4,500-added, so I gotta get eligible for that, right?!

So, while I may not be actively seeking to play pool, I do still occasionally play.  I say this because a few people this weekend said to me, "oh, you played this weekend?  I thought you quit."


Well, I swear I'm trying to!

However the pool bug bit me this weekend.  LOL.

Maybe I'm secretly hoping to play bad so that I no longer have the desire to play.  But, I played well this weekend!  And now I kinda wanna play some more.  Doesn't mean I'll actually dust my cue off before the next Omega stop, tho, but you never know.

I know what helped me play well, too.  On Friday night I ventured out to watch a big set.  I watched about 4 solid hours of pool, and by the time I played my first match Saturday afternoon, I was still in "pool" mode from watching the night before.

I not only saw the layouts and paths well, I also executed the shots and position very well - I shocked myself lol.  What really helped was my safety game.  Watching one pocket Friday night really helped that for the following day.  I played jam up against a really good player and won my first match.

I admit the crowd might have affected my opponent a little, as they were rooting for me and talking about my good shots openly.  I tried desperately not to let their words get me overly confident (which can easily happen to me), and instead tried very hard to simply focus on the table, not that they were watching and "impressed."  (their words, not mine).

I then played a guy I beat during the last Omega tournament, but he got me this time with near perfect play (which I will write about soon).

In my next match I'm playing super sporty still!  I was VERY tired, but I was still playing well.  I jumped ahead 3-1 and felt good about my chances and then here he comes!  He starts playing better and gets ahead 5-3.  I did make a couple of mistakes, but overall still played very well and was happy for that.  I ended up making a comeback and tied it up hill-hill!  But alas, I broke dry hill-hill and the pecker ran out!  It was a nice run, actually.

I felt good for hanging in there, tho!  I never gave up and was giving it my all with a good attitude.

And I got $50 for Last Lady!

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