Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Taboo Subject But Gets the Point Across

//WARNING//  Graphic content ahead, do not read if you get offended easily.    //WARNING//

I was watching a friend play in a match for 4th place in a weekly tournament and his opponent had just two-stroked the 8-ball and missed it.  (btw, "two-stroke" means he literally only took 2 warm-up strokes, and we all know you need a lot more warm-up strokes to focus and make your ball).

After my friend won that game I shared my observation, "yeah, he two-stroked the 8ball but he took his time with all the other shots before that."

My friend agreed and then started laughing.

"You know, that's something I always pass on to the guys starting out. I tell them, "You don't stroke once or twice to masturbate do you?  Nope, you need to stroke more than that in pool, too.""


But, pretty dang true!

Maybe this blog post will help someone from rushing their shots ;)

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