Friday, December 21, 2012

Gambling Lesson

I don't remember my very first gambling experience in pool, but I do remember my very first valuable learning experience when I was still wet behind the ears.

I mentioned in a recent blog I hung out a Lamberts in Baton Rouge, LA a few times and that's where I was witness to the biggest money match I had ever seen.

During that same time, I was at the pool room one night and this one guy, I swear his name was Squirrel, was really drunk.   He was loud and barking and he couldn't play pool worth a lick!!   I was this chick in my 20s who was only a shot maker, but I recognized even *I* could beat this guy in his condition.  Normally, this guy played pretty dang sporty, but on this night, he was a mess on the pool table because he was so drunk.

I went up to my boyfriend at the time and told him I wanted to play Squirrel.

"Look at him," I exclaimed, "I can beat him - he's drunk!"

I only saw that I could score a win right now. I didn't think of anything else but the current situation.

My boyfriend told me I couldn't play him. Well, he told me not to play him.

My boyfriend gave me great advice that to this day I will never forget.

I pleaded with him and he finally says, "Melinda, if you play him tonight and beat him, which is possible, then tomorrow night when he returns sober, he's gonna wanna play you. And he WILL beat you easily because he will be sober.  And he will want his money back; and then some."

"Oh.  Hmmm...."

"So, don't even mess with him just because tonight you can play him. Because you will have to play him again when he's sober, and you can't win that game."

"Oh.... good point."



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