Thursday, November 1, 2012

Make the Shot You Hate Your Favorite

Everyone has that one shot they despise.

That one shot they hate.

That one shot they just can't seem to make.

That one shot when it comes up, you immediately get nervous, because you know it's your least favorite shot in the entire world, and you usually miss them.

My good friend June Walter gave me a tip a looooooooooooooong time ago about the shost you hate.  After I muttered to myself one day back in the mid 90s, "I hate this shot..."  my friend June told me, "Then make it your favorite."


"Practice it to you love the shot."

Hmmm... okay.

So, I did.

And, it is now one of my fav shots.  And when I see it, I am confident and comfortable with it.

I no longer get nervous when I walk up to the shot; instead, I am confident in my ability with the it.
Build your weakness until they become your strengths. ~ Knute Rockne
This WAS the shot I hated:

Any angle even remotely to the shot above, made me petrified.

But, I practiced this backwards cut shot over and over, with different types of English... until she was right:  I liked the shot! 

It's pretty cool to despise a shot, and then not be afraid of it anymore.

If you have a shot you hate; that you hate to see in front of you; then do what my friend June suggested:  Practice it til you love it.  

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