Monday, August 29, 2011

My Momma

My beloved Mom who had been struggling with emphysema for the last four years passed away on August 19th.

Her breathing became much worse over the last three months and she was struggling every day to "catch her breath" as she would say.

On August 16th she slipped in our home in the kitchen and broke her hip.  That was a Tuesday.  On Wednesday she had successful hip replacement surgery.  On Thursday she had complications.  On Friday I had to put her in hospice and she passed away with me by her side that night at 9:45pm.

She told me I was the love of her life.  She was mine as well.

The last week and a half have been the hardest of my life.  But my friends and loved ones are keeping me going.  I am blessed to have so many friends who truly care for me, as it was only my Mom and I.  I cared for her the last 4 years and we were best friends.

I appreciate you all more than you know.  The kind, loving, and encouraging words I have received and keep receiving are the only reasons I have been able to endure this extremely tough time.  

I will miss her FOREVER.

I wanted to share a few things with you.

A blog entry I wrote on my personal blog about ensuring you know the wishes of your parents, and also the difference between being an only child or one with siblings during tough times:

My friends held a Celebration of Life for my Mom and I on August 28th and I wrote a "speech" so I could share some wonderful memories about my Mom:

And finally, I also wrote about a crappy experience with the funeral home you can read if you have time:

 Mom's obit

Toni J. Leach Bailey died peacefully in Fort Worth, Teas on August 19, 2011 after a long illness.  She is survived by her daughter, Melinda Gayle Bailey, the love of her life.  She will be cremated and her ashes scattered privately.

In lieu of flowers, you are welcome to pick one of Toni’s favorite causes to give to ( and  Most of her life revolved around animals and a small donation from a friend would be her fondest desire.

We miss her more than we can say


Living Dees Life said...

I'm so sorry to hear your mom passed away. I stumbled upon your blog looking around for scotch doubles stuff (my husband and I are starting in a new format offered by our local league).

your in my thoughts and prayers

JT said...

I have enjoyed your blogs for so long. Then I read the terrible news about your mother. I am very sorry for your loss. I didnt know her but she must have been quite a wonderful mother because she raised quite a special daughter. I'm sure this week is difficult for you but like you said, you have support. You may know this or not but she will continue to be your mom without being there. There will be moments where you say "what would mom do"? Or a moment when you swear she somehow made you do or say something. It hurts now but the days get better. I wish you all the best! JT

Melinda said...

Thank you both so much for the kinds words.

When will the day come when it gets easier? :(