Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vegas Tourney Timeline

Weeks before:
  • prepared or thought about preparing (lol)
Weekend before:
  • played some straight pool,
  • ran lots of errands for myself and Mom, and prepared house
Monday before:
  • got nails done and pedicure after work
Tuesday before:
  • finished a lot of projects at work
  • ran errands for Mom after work
  • rested
Wednesday before:
  • got as much done at work as I could before leaving town
  • got my hair highlighted after work
  • then packed until midnight
Thursday, May 7th:
  • shuttle to airport
  • arrive in Vegas
  • checked in
  • unpacked
  • practiced
Tracie and I
  • ate at Kady's
  • practiced some more
Friday, May 8th:
  • played scotch doubles from 9am until around 6pm
AZBilliards friends I finally met! Watchez, Me, and DerekDisco
  • placed two in the money in Scotch Doubles
  • had too many shots with good and new friends at the center bar for many, many hours Friday night! :)
My bodyguard, Justin and I (he's actually smiling!)

Toasting for the camera! I forget what the red-colored shot was. lol
  • broke new little camera that night :(
It's suppose to be flat - it broke :(
  • visited TAR BAR
Saturday, May 9th:
  • watched some really good matches
Me and Monica
  • ate nachos
  • played my match at 430pm (played badly and lost 2-4)
  • still hungover
  • bought another new camera at Walmart
  • visited TAR BAR
Me and AZB'er Dave (SpiderWebCom, or Spidey as I like to call him)
  • ate a Kady's in the wee morning hours
Sunday, May 10th:
  • slept in (needed that!)
  • watched good matches
  • then went to Circus Circus to spend Mother's Day with the Parra's (that was awesome!)
  • visited TAR BAR
  • watched more good matches
  • watched poker
Crispian playin' poker (I learn a lot from him)
  • then played my 10pm match. drama during the match. won 4-3. lots of friends watching.
  • ate a Kady's in the wee morning hours
Monday, May 11th:
  • won my match at 9am 4-0
  • won my match at 1030am 4-1
  • ate too many nachos
  • lost my noon match 2-4 :(
  • got in the money, though, in singles!
  • watched more good matches
Ernesto Bayaua, playin well.
  • then went to the Mirage buffet
  • then to the Venetian and gambled some money away
Tuesday, May 12th:
  • slept in a little
  • then watched good friends become master players!
  • ate at Kady's
  • rested
  • watched poker
  • gambled at the Riv
$25 slots with Juan!

Wednesday, May 13th:
  • team event, 9 am, we win 11-2
  • lunch at Kady's with teammates
Team lunch/breakfast - me, Amanda, Tori and Monica
  • watched matches
  • watched poker
  • team match at 3pm, we win 11-4
  • watched matches
Posers, Amanda and I
  • visit TAR BAR
  • played team match at 7pm. up 5-1, lose 10-11. ouch! :(
  • practiced
  • ate a Kady's in the wee morning hours
Thursday, May 14th:
  • rested; slept in
  • practiced in TAR BAR
  • watched team matches
  • won team match at 7pm 11-0
  • waited and waited for next team match
  • went to TAR BAR
TAR Booth!! Fred and Eddie, talkin it up on the live stream
  • watched other team matches
  • our 930pm match didn't start until 11:15pm!
  • we lost 9-11 :(
  • we got in the money, though!
  • practiced; exhausted!
  • ate a Kady's in the wee morning hours
Friday, May 15th:
  • didn't sleep well at all (too much on my mind) :(
  • stayed in bed most of the day :(
  • finally got up around 3pm
  • watched half of one match
  • met my Team at 530 pm for a VERY nice steak dinner at Kristophers!!
Team Dinner at the great steak house in the Riviera
  • had a blast - drank a lot of wine!
Wine, wine, wine. Monica, Amanda, Tori and I, with Christy lookin at us.
  • drank some more near bar area in Riv, met new friends
  • stayed up late!

Saturday, May 16th:
  • slept in
  • went to Mirage buffet with Amanda and two friends (had Champagne brunch!)
Champagne brunch at the Mirage. Perfect ending.
  • gambled at Mirage
  • went back to Riv to pack and try and get some rest
  • visited hostess to try and get my room rate dropped (successfully - yay!)
Sunday, May 17th:
  • woke up at 5am
  • out the door by 6am
  • at airport at 630am
  • last meal in Vegas - pizza and Cinnabon (I always do that in the airport before I fly out of Vegas)

  • 830 am flight delayed until 1030am!!!! Ugh.
  • got a ride from airport
  • got home
  • hugged my Momma!
  • fixed the TV and A/C, computer still broken :(
  • fell asleep on recliner after tacos
  • fell asleep again after unpacking
After Vegas:
  • not exhausted, just a little tired
  • trying to catch up at work
  • ready to play pool already!
  • going through all the pics
  • updating my blog ;)


R Riley said...

We were at the airport at the exact same time as you on Sunday... how did we miss each other???

Melinda said...

Prolly cuz I fly to Dallas and you to Houston. Or did you have a layover in Dallas?

Samm said...

You're so beautiful!!!

poolminnow said...

I believe that pedicures are an important part of any pre-tournament routine.