Monday, May 4, 2009

Potty Mouth

Well, it's that time of year when we all try and decide together what our team name will be for Vegas BCAPL 8-Ball Nationals. Some teams keep their league name, some teams combine players and form a new team. We are the latter, and therefore wanted to come up with a good, new team name.

We have 6 players on our team (Amanda, Christy, Tori, Moni, Corina and myself). Amanda came up with a name that we all LOVED!

Victorious Secret

I even had a friend's Mom start on a cool design for our shirts:
We were looking for the perfect shirts when we heard back from the BCAPL that another women's team had already signed up with that team name. Darn it! :( We were back to square one and had to think fast - time was running short.

We quickly threw names around via email and Amanda was looking at websites for names and actually found a real good website for women's teams:

Then Amanda said,

"I also found this on the Internet: "We've Got the Runs."

Immediately Amanda and Moni loved it, while I sat there looking at my email in disbelief.

Moni says:

I can see it now. People will ask what is your team name and we say "We've Got the Runs" and then people reading it on the charts saying "Check out this team...."We've Got the Runs". I hope I can get over the giggles whenever I hear us say our team name.....this is cracking me up soooooo much.
It is freakin' hilarious. Let's just not make our shirts brown...doh!

I then said to myself "WTF" and replied to their email:

"WTH, life is short.
We've Got the Runs has my vote."

Christy replies:
Really??? Really...
You guys are crazy....

Corina gets online a day later and says:

I missed all these emails yesterday, but i sure hope we went with 'we've got the runs''s too perferct

I believe Tori told Amanda that was cool with her and Christy agreed as well (of course we ALL agreed NO brown shirts).

We picked out our shirts last week and had them embroidered with our new, hilarious team name!! A friend created a graphic for us, but we decided the name was enough (ain't that the truth, lol). But I wanted to share the clever idea!

The only down side is: Moni told us this via email a few days later:

Just wanted to let you know that our team name is indeed “We’ve Got The Runs”. It is listed on the BCA entries list so it is in black and white for sure.

The folks at the BCA office told me that when they print out all the charts and post them on the board it will only print up to 15 characters so on the charts it might be listed “We’ve Got The R…….” . Oh well, all is good.

So, look for "We've Got the R..." on the charts or hear our team name called out on the intercom, "We've Got the Runs go to table 12 please."


Ahhh, good times!


Unknown said...

I really like your first choice, but the second one delivers a message to your opponents - you guys run out!

Amanda Lampert said...


Show Me the Moni said...

Great Story Melinda. It's even funnier hearing it from start to finish.

When I took the shirts to get embroider'd the clerk asked for our team name and I told her the name in a hush-hush voice. She laughed and said "baseball team?". I told her no, 8-ball pool team and she said "even better".

I hope Table 12 is close to the restrooms! Ha! See you in Vegas baby!!!

Anonymous said...

That's too cute! I love that you guys have a sense of humor. Sounds like a great group of chicks! ;-)