Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dec '08 Fast Eddies Tour Stop Recap

I'm late in writing up my tournaments, so here is another one that is due. I just wrote up my November OB Cues Tour tourney and this about the Finale of the Fast Eddie's Tour, held in December in San Antonio, Texas.

I arrived Fri afternoon and ran some errands, including a stop at my favorite Chinese restaurant, the Golden Phoenix. I grew up in San Antonio so it's always nice visiting. :)

I then showed up at the pool room and played some one-pocket, thinking my lessons would show off, but instead I was embarrassed with my play. Switched to 10-ball and although I started off slow, I sure started playing really well on that center 9-foot table! I was very pleased, as I then switched to dranking with friends (Ray, Yvette, etc) while watching my good friend Paul Blank win the Ring Game over sharp shooter Sylver Ochoa.

I then took photos on Saturday and chatted with friends, including Vivian Villarreal, who I hadn't seen in a while. I was sad to hear her father had also recently passed.

Sunday morning comes and a trip to Taco Cabana along the way to the pool room set me up for a warm tummy and mentally prepared for the day.

I got one of the few byes (whew) then played a new girl. I played good and won. I carried that momentum to my next match against Kim Pierce. Kim had just won two matches pretty handedly, but I didn't let that bother me, I focused on my game and won the match. I was happy I won because Kim was been playing well.

I then played Heather Lloyd next. I found myself up 5-2 and was about to go up 6-3 when I under-hit an 8ball and left a funny angle on the 9 and missed. This cost me as it went hill-hill. A tough last few balls that were tied up made for a long inning - but eventually I went for it instead of playing safe and she won the match to earn a spot in the hotseat.

I then played Courtney Peters next. Very noticeably, her game improves every time I play her, but I played well and even broke and ran the last game to win 5-3. I know now I'm in the money and prolly mentally let up knowing it's about a 4 to 5 hour drive home and also cuz I'm in the money. Kyu Yi played very well against me. I didn't have many chances but she would tell me afterwards that I am playing well and she knew she had to play well against me. She would end up double dipping a tired Heather for the tourney win.

So, I placed 4th, got "in the money" and was pleasantly surprised!

I then hung around and watch a friend gamble for a while and enjoyed celebrating my finish with a pool-room pizza, lol! (actually, it was quite tasty!).

I admit it was a nice way to end the year - to place 4th in their Season Finale and spend the weekend with friends.

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