Thursday, October 9, 2008

League Season

League Season is upon us - it's the Fall.

This means I am working on trying to figure out what team/league I need to play in to qualify for the Women's Team Event in Vegas:
And what team/league to play in to qualify for Scotch Doubles in Vegas:

I admit it, I would enjoy league a lot more if it was closer to me. I have to drive 50 minutes there AND back to get to/from my league night destination. It's worth it in the long run (experience, trying to beat the guys, and most importantly: qualifying for BCAPL Nationals in Vegas in May and also all the end of Season tournaments), but I can already sense my body and mind getting tired/exhausted from the late nights... and the first league night isn't even here yet! Maybe if my body could handle staying out late often like it used to, I wouldn't have this attitude!? LOL. :)

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Unknown said...

Mr. Chao just dropping in to say hello. I'm out on league this year due to lack of interest and our team dissolved. May just play singles in Vegas for an excuse to go.