Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2006 Season Finale

Last tournament of the Hunter Classics Tour season of 2006. We were at a new pool room, Bogies Billiards. I liked the location – north Houston, not south. Saved about an hours drive from Dallas; whew! At the last minute, another board member and I decided to stay together and go down together. I like Julie a lot – I always learn from her so I was looking forward to being around a positive influence. J

I got plenty of sleep, but there a few things I normally do for tournaments that I didn’t do, but I tried not to think about that. I had practiced the week before and knew I was still playing well, but I still had to ‘show up.’ The player’s meeting was really long because we had so much to say and announce. Monica ran it this time and did a wonderful job! She’s funny and that helps move it along.

I played in the first round (didn’t get a bye). I was able to give my camera to Jillian since I was playing – I like to make sure to get lots of photos of everyone and when I’m playing, that’s tough to do. I also was able to give it to my friend Shayla and she also was able to capture some great photos for the tour and website (actually over 500 were taken in all, but I paired them down to just under 400). I am camera happy, so I know I didn’t help keep the numbers down.

My Stats:

Saturday morning:

Tracie Voelkering. My teammate for Vegas, she had me down 4-1, then 6-3. Miraculously, I won 7-6. It was an amazing comeback. It took me a while to get going, but Tracie also was running out when I missed – whether late or early in the rack. She was playing good.

Sherri L. Smith. I won 7-1. We had too much fun during that match.

Belinda Lee. Had to wait a while to play since all the other board members were still playing in matches and we wanted a board member at the chart. When I finally played, I played good. I don’t think I missed a ball the first 4 games. I was up 4-1 or something and she came back and tied it 5-5 or maybe it was 5-4. A 9-ball on the break and another win sealed the match, 7-5. I felt so good because I played good. I wasn’t nervous, even though Belinda is a good player; it really could have gone either way.

Jennifer Kraber. Next up was my good friend Jennifer. She can win any match, but I wasn’t nervous. I was a little chatty at first and I think that bothered her, but I tried to play my game. It was close most of the way, and I made a few critical errors, but still won the match 7-5. I’m not sure how I did it, but all of a sudden from being down 0-4, then 3-6 in my first match and now I’m on the winner’s side on Sunday! I haven’t been on the winner’s side on Sunday in a long time!

I ate dinner with Julie – a nice quite dinner at Carrabbas. We didn’t stay out late - it was great for my next day.

Sunday morning.

Rachel Abbink. I felt good playing Rachel from Canada my first Sunday match. I ran the first rack, even though I was out of line a lot, including having to long rail bank the 9–ball. I felt confident, and nailed it. I was in awe of her game. She thinks so much about three ball shape and it was beautiful to see her work the table. I went for a two-way shot the next game and scratched and she got out. I then had an opportunity the third game, but didn’t get good shape for the 8 ball. I talked to Rachel about the shot and she mentioned I didn’t think of my other option – to bank the 8. It was an eye opening moment! But, I also then lost 2-7. The other game I won was because she had to jump a ball. I enjoyed the game and she said she enjoyed the match with me best so far – she liked my attitude.

Amanda Lampert. I then had to play my dear friend Amanda. On the drive down, I thought to myself I’d like to play her and show her that I’m playing good. Unfortunately, I didn’t show up. I had opportunities EVERY game and couldn’t capitalize. I wasn’t playing good at all. I’m not 100% sure what it was…. However, if it was the day before, I believe I would have won, but I just didn’t play good. I need to get in my mind early on that I want to play good, that always seems to help – wanting to just focus on my pre-shot routine, “feel” the shot, enjoy playing well. It has helped the last few tournaments, but I didn’t remember that in this match for some reason. Lost 7-2.

I placed 5th/6th out of 51 women. I am proud of my finish, but not how I finished. I did feel good, though, overall.

It was a great tournament, great event, for the Hunter Tour.

I have practiced once since then and I didn’t play well, but plan on practicing some more the day before my next tournament this weekend – hopefully my husband and I will be going to it - if he doesn’t get picked for jury duty.

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