Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Bad Positional Error - Katniss

From Katniss, of the Hunger Games Project of my Blog:

I was at a local poolroom by myself, no one was there at the time. 

An hour in to my practice session, though, another individual walked in. 

I decide to take a small break and watch this guy. He was hitting them real good… well, until he missed a side pocket shot. So he set it up again and attempted to make the shot.  

Again and again and again. 

What he did not realize was, that it was a POSITIONAL error and NOT a potting error. 

His issues started way before his missed shot. Once he figures that out, he be able to fix it, and the error will be resolved. 

The Lesson?  Pay special attention to the cause and effects of your practices!!!

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