Thursday, November 13, 2008

Break Contest Videos

As I wrote in August, there is a HUGE Break Contest going on at Rusty's Billiards in Fort Worth, Texas that is $500 a ball! To read all the rules, go to the link above and check out the specs.

So, I start to show up on Tuesday nights to check it out and to try and be cool and video tape the break contest with my camera phone to capture the action (or mis-action) for my blog (this one you are reading, silly!). I caught three no-wins, my camera ran out of juice another no-win night, and I missed several other no wins. Then one guy got drawn one week and won $1,000 or so and then got drawn again the VERY next Tuesday and won I think $1,000 again! I missed the video opportunity! :(

So, I show up the second Tuesday in October (finally) just in time for the break contest after stupid league and caught a run of the entire rack and saw someone win $4,000! Ahhh... worth the wait!

My first youtube experience and sound doesn't get converted from my camera phone, so I overwrote the screeching noise with funky music available from youtube and so no "cheers" or "ooooh's" can be heard, which really makes the video! Dag nab it!

Anyhow, here are the videos:

First video (below) - scratch on the break by TJ:

Second video (below) - Corey doesn't make a ball on the break:

Third video (below) - scratch on the break by Jose:

Fourth video (below) - TJ makes a ball on the break and runs out!

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