Friday, January 4, 2008

Pool Goal for 2008

I love goals. I started to enjoy them even more after reading Dare to Win many years ago (by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen).

The key with goals is to make them realistic. I remember one year I had a goal to get Most Improved Player on a tour in the 90s. Boy, I learned my lesson! I had no control over that - someone else decided that "title" (and no, I did not win it, even though I came close). My current, longstanding goal is to win a tournament in my 30s... I'm running out of time! hehe. My other longstanding goal is to learn something from each tournament.

Goals are important because they give you that something extra to strive for, to look forward to, to plan for, etc.

Another key for goals is to ensure you are specific about how to reach your goals. I don't always do this well, but as an example, if someone says, "my goal is to lose weight," the person will be more successful if they list specifically how to achieve that goal.

My overarching pool goal for 2008: To Play in More Tournaments.

  • -I have marked down on my 2008 calendar (yes, through December!) which tournaments I would like to go to and where they are located.
  • -I will plan ahead to save extra money to attend the tournaments.
  • -Ensure I have enough vacation time to go to them.
  • -Look for hotel deals early and often.
  • -Ensure my car is running well.
  • -Take advantage of "Chicks Play for Free on Mondays" at Rusty's Billiards. :)
  • -Walk the stairs at work to increase stamina (I work on the tenth floor!).
  • -Stretch more either with Pilate's or Yoga throughout the week to increase flexibility during matches and to increase mental "attitude."
  • -Do push ups during the week to provide myself a more effective break.
  • -Guess I should practice more (LOL!).

Well, if after each tournament I reflect on my pool life journey, this blog could have many entries for 2008!

Until Next Time.

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