Sunday, July 1, 2007

College Station Tournament - June 2007

Wow! It was so cool to visit College Station - the birthplace of the drinking Melinda. I went to college at Texas A&M - boy, this city has grown!

I was able to meet up with my beautiful College roommate, Nancy and it was great to see her again and catch up. I hope we have a stop every year there so her and I can hang out again!

Only 34 ladies showed up - disappointing, but I think everyone had fun. Everyone knew each other, so it was a different event than usual - almost like a family gathering (but we all got along, LOL).

Here are the results:

Here are the photos:

Here's me:

My Sunday outfit. :)

I got a bye and then played Heather Lloyd. I wasn't sure how I would play... I wasn't sure what to expect.

I missed a shot on the first two games and she got out beautifully. She was playing well. Then she missed a 9ball and things seemed to change. I played a little better, she gave me chances and before I knew it, I was up 6-5. I still do not know how, really. I wasn't playing all that good, but held in there. When I was on the hill first, I had ball in hand, noticed a draw shot from the 8 to 9 that would be coming up, but still played it (no other way out of it, or else I wouldn't have planned it up that way). As is my weakness, I didn't stay down, jumped up, hit it too hard and missed the 8 ball and my chance to win 7-5. She got out and after some safeties on the 6 ball in the last game, I played a nice one-pocket shot on the 6 and was running out, but got tough on the 8, then 9 and barely missed the 9. Still, not sad... more surprised I was able to keep it so close.

I then had a bye on the one-loss side and played Tina Lehrmann next. I played SO bad, but she missed some key shots and I was able to pull it out 7-5. I then played Monica Anderson next and played good and won 7-4. Then I played my friend Shayla and I was hoping it wouldn't be like our last meeting where we both played so terribly. I played good at first, then faltered and she started to play well and was coming back strong and playing great until an unfortunate scratch allowed me to win the last game for the 7-5 win.

On Sunday morning, I faced Helen Hayes. I knew she wasn't a morning person and she missed early in the rack on the first game but I screwed up the next two games and decided I needed to bare down. I did and played really quite well and won 7-3. Even had a break and run and a 9 on the break in that match.

The next match was just plain unbelievable. I had the upper hand - more experience in tournaments than her (Michelle Abernathy), but I started off playing SO bad. Again, the mental game got to me... I should have taken a break after the first game. Ugh. In the first game, ball in hand with only the 8 and 9 left and I couldn't get out. Ugh! She made a few mistakes and I was able to get back into the match, even after she got out amazingly for many games. She really was getting out well, banking a lot and making shots usually others don't make. But, she also missed some crucial times - late in the rack after she was up 4-2 then 5-3. At one point, I was feeling better and shooting okay when I thought too much while down on the 5 ball and instead of coming around the table nicely, I hooked myself on the 9ball! This would have been a ball in hand situation for her with 4 balls on the table and then her up 6-4. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed the bridge and it didn't feel comfortable at all. I tried to line up several ways but couldn't reach it left handed. I took my time and had to simply line up right handed and then I hit the 6 ball! She said nice hit, someone else said wow, it was amazing... I surprised myself. She ended up not getting out and it was 5-5. What a crucial shot! What a learning experience! I then really had confidence and ran out very nicely the next game and was up 6-5 when she took a break. I was running on adrenaline and it was a smart decision on her part, but I was finally playing like myself and ran out the next game very well for the win. I don't know how I won that match. I played so bad until the very end.

I then played Tara and she defeated me 7-3. Simply put - she played lights out! She was running out and playing REAL good. I only had three other chances than the three wins I managed to get from unforced errors on her part.

So, I placed 5th and was surprised and very happy!

Til next time.

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Nice work on 5th!!! I missed you! :(