Thursday, July 27, 2006

Round Rock, TX Hunter July Tournament

Well, my goal in this tournament was to focus again; it seemed to work last time. :) This is one of the tournaments I help run and it was a great event. No major hiccups... well there were a few, but for some reason I'm not letting upsetting things stay in my system as long as they used to... but I thought it really did go well. 45 ladies showed up. Always love it when more than 40 come to compete.

My Stats:

I played my friend and league teammate Tracie Voelkering first. I was a little worried- she has been playing better lately. I was up 3-1 and then it was tied 5-5. I tried so hard to focus and I really wanted to win. I finally did win 7-5 after going for a 1-ball combo on the 9-ball and made it.

Then I had to play my friend Audra Carter from San Antonio. She was struggling a little bit, but seemed to enjoy the match. I think I won 7-2.

I played Terry Petrosino from Houston next. She had just beaten two of the top ladies and then I had to play her. I commented to her about her entering the pro qualifier at the beginning of the match and next thing you know, I'm up 5-0. She seemed to be playing timid, but I tried to focus (even though my friend Monica was playing next to me and I would occasionally peer over at her and we would make faces to each other). Terry started to come back as I made a few crucial errors. I think I finally won 7-5. I couldn't believe it! I was nervous again and fighting that while trying to focus and bare down on my shots. I did make some major mistakes, but pool is all about learning.

I then played Cristina De La Garza from Austin. She is playing well and she was having a good tournament. No matter what happened in this match, we were both going to be playing on Sunday. I wanted to be on the winner's side, but my play didn't indicate that. She missed two 9-balls, but so did I. I also wasn't playing safe when I had long cut shots (seemed like the tough cuts were always on the 6-ball for some reason). I was proud of all the good shots I made; loved how good it felt to make them instead of miss so many like I had been the last 6 months. I also loved the 9-foot tables! We were tied at 5, but she prevailed 7-5. Finished for the night, but had a few matches I needed stay for since I help run these events.

Then I went to eat at Carrabbas in Austin for dinner. Even tho it was honestly too late to eat, I woke up rested Sunday morning, but something upset me before and at the beginning of my match with my friend Heather Lloyd. I tried so hard to get over it, and the only way was for me to spout off at my friend Monica during our match. It was the medicine I needed, but I felt bad for venting to her, and apologized afterwards. When this happened, I down like 5-1. I was happy I was able to start focusing after the vent, and even won a few more games, but Heather was playing way to good and she won 7-4. I really did enjoy our match after I was able to calm down and I even shot some really good shots again. The thing that upset me had to do with running the tournament, nothing related to my match. Figures.

I placed 9th-12th out of 45 ladies. I was very pleased! I am playing well again. And I lasted until Sunday, which is always so nice. Heather ended up winning the tournament -her first time to ever win on this tour. I was so happy for her, I cried.

I practiced straight pool a week later but I wasn't feeling well and knew I shouldn't have gone. I could only run 10 balls (twice) and was missing the shots I have a tendency to miss. I should have not gone to the pool room, but alas.... I thought it was best I at least try to practice.

'Til next time.

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