Thursday, April 7, 2016

Memories This Week

Facebook has this "Memories of the Day" thingy on it, and it shows you all the memories you had that day for every year you've been on Facebook.

This week happens to be the week of the Texas BCAPL State tourney.  Normally I don't like to see the memories of things I've posted that I no longer care to remember or were about my Mom's hospital stays, but I have to admit these memories this week are pretty fantastic!

This week these have come up for me:

What a great three years for BCAPL Texas State pool hardware for me!

Imma lucky girl!

Several people have called to give me sh!t for not being there this week, or asked me how I felt not playing.  Well, I feel pretty dang good about my decision!  I am working at work this week, not spending money on a hotel room for 6 days, getting rest, not going through emotional roller-coasters in matches, not dealing with drama, not trying to figure out 1099s, and getting things done around the house and in the yard - pretty dang good week for me :)

Sure, a smidgen of my heart imagined me playing in singles and I do miss seeing my cool fellow female pool playing friends that I only see when these tourneys come around, but otherwise, I'm very happy with my current titles that I walk by in the hallway every night as I walk to my room to lay my sleepy head.


Babylon Brother said...

I wondered how you felt about not being there. Somehow, weeding the planters just doesn't feel as good as seeing some mighty find pool. But I'm watching streaming often, and have been listening when you name came up. The announcers were complimentary. You are a joy to observe.

Melinda said...

Oh, thank you. :) Cool they mention my name! I haven't watched the stream at all...