Monday, April 25, 2016

Celebratory Apology

At the scotch doubles tourney I played in back in February, my partner and I had to race one extra game because I am listed as an Advanced player for BCAPL.

This meant that we were one of the teams "to beat."  Everyone had their eye on the "good team."

We were on the one-loss side and after winning several matches, we found ourselves in a tough little match, deep in the tourney.  It went hill-hill and we lost.

The female player of the team is a very good friend of mine that I adore and she actually told me WAY before I ever won a title that she was my biggest fan.  Which still to this day is surreal to think I would have a fan.

And her and I became good friends a couple of years after that and we really respect each other in life.

Fast forward to that match, and after her partner makes the 8-ball hill-hill, she kinda yells and claps with delight.  For a very split second I was a tad bothered, but in all honestly I was upset we lost, not that she showed a happy emotion.  And let's be honest, Greg (my partner) and I are such a great team, that I would also celebrate if I was in her shoes, too!  It was a GREAT win and they had to play well to defeat us and they did.

Greg and I never spoke about it, as we both knew it was just part of being the "team to beat" syndrome.  Didn't even think of it again, honestly.

Two days later, he and I receive this text: 
"Hi Melinda and Greg,

I wanted to message you to tell you something.  I want to apologize to the both of you.  I got way over excited Saturday and left that damn yell come out of my mouth when my partner dropped the final 8 Ball.  My emotions took over.  I normally never do that, it's rude and I think it is disrespectful to your opponent.  It shouldn't matter if I know you or not, but I am even more disappointed in myself that I did that playing against you two.  I respect both of y'all immensely, personally and as pool players and I'm honored to call you both friends.  So, I am sorry for that.  I will be better behaved in the future!  Hope you had a great Easter.  I hope to see either of you soon. "

When I read her text, I was completely floored.  She didn't have to do that at all.  But she is a "feeler" like I am and since it bothered her what she did, she really felt like she should apologize.

I was impressed.

I responded with:
"No worries at all!  You should have been excited!  :)  Sweet of you to think of apologizing, but no worries, babe :)  Love ya!"
She said,
" Ok. Thank you.  I just had to, though, it was out of character.   :-)."
 And I shared back,
"I know what you mean. Been there myself  :)  "

It was a great exchange among friends that admire each other.  I cherish her and her passion for the game and learning so much - and that experience and exchange is part of that journey!

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