Friday, April 29, 2016

All Around Player

When you are deciding players for a team, talent only gets you so far.  Good players are only asked if they also have the demeanor and composure needed in a team dynamic.

Some great players are hot-heads or throw tempers or are mean or are not nice people in general.  No matter how good someone plays, we are looking for the complete package.  Sure, talent is the top reason, but if the player is a jackass or doesn't get along with others, then why ask them to be on a team?

Just like when choosing someone for a job, you are looking for someone who gets along with others.  Even if they are the top salesman, if they are a douche bag or don't have any people skills or fly off the handle at coworkers or customers a lot, you would probably pick someone else who gets along with their fellow employees and loyal customers instead.

Or what about relationships?   You would want the entire package for a significant other as well.  If they make great money, but have a bad temper all the time, what is that?  Or they are the hottest dude in school, but can't keep an intelligent conversation?

Same for team dynamics

We want a great shooter with a level head, gets along with others, drama-free, and maybe even one with humor who can make teammates laugh during adverse situations when competing. 

And what being dependable?  If you happen to nab the best player around but he won't show up on time for league or flakes committing for big team events, is it worth the stress and anxiety!?

It's not just talent.    

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