Sunday, April 24, 2016

Complaints As Blessings

A friend of mine was all up in arms on Friday.

I asked her why, then walked away from my computer for a meeting, and came back to all this venting in my chat window:

  • My dang Tuesday night league keeps blowing my phone up!  
  • I told them I was super busy with my side job and am preparing for a wedding tomorrow.  
  • I have so much to do!  
  • One of my teammates was like, "just shoot a few games and then leave."  
  • And I'm like really, WTF?  
  • Okay, let me drive 40 minutes away to shoot "a few" games and then drive back home and waste 2-3 hours of the time I need to prepare for this wedding.  
  • No, no I can't do both.  
  • I have to choose.  
  • These playoffs are just bad #%^!@# timing!
  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So I reply with:

"Awwww, you're so wanted!"

And she replies:

"LMFAO!  I'm over here in this turmoil and that's what you find out of the convo!  I just ADORE you!"


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