Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Title. Another Great Team!

I am so ecstatic!

I am now a BCAPL Texas State Champion!

Granted, I needed help from 4 friends to do it, lol, but still!  What an awesome accomplishment!

My teammates and I WON the BCAPL Texas State Open Women's Division last Sunday night!  OMGosh!!!

First Place, Baby

From left to right, Tracie Voelkering, Myself, Lisa Ellison, Nina Stillwell and Maria Rodriguez!

I had to come up with a team name when I sent in the entry free and could only come up with Fab Five, so Fab Five we were.  One teammate thought it was vain.  I replied, "Would you rather I call us the Dream Team, because that's what we really are."

"Okay, Fab Five is cool," she relents.  :)

We gave her crap all weekend b/c she didn't care for the name, while she worked on a future name for Nationals, like Lightning Biscuits, Rock Papers Scissors, 3 Bartenders and 2 Blonds....

We didn't get a bye and so we didn't get to sleep in.  Not many of us got sleep anyway.  I tossed and turned, two others snored too loud for each other, one had been up since 4am, and the fifth was restless and didn't get a lot of sleep.  By the end of the day after 12 hours, we were exhausted (but still played well).

The Fab Five teammates do not play on the same team in our league.  We all know each other, but without playing on the same team throughout the year, how would we play together?

Team chemistry is key.

I had no worries - we all play good 8ball.  :)  The team chemistry would come from the fact we were all excited to be on a such a strong team and we were all great women.

We play our first match at 10am against "I Hate This Game."  After we beat them 9-0, I said, "Now they REALLY hate this game."

(btw, they were a great team that won many matches after that first 10am match)

We played our next at noon and that match goes hill-hill!  From 9-0 to 9-8, what a swing.  We come out on top of the squeaker.

We then win at 4pm and 6pm, 9-4 and 9-5.

They move our 8pm match to the Stream table and I see we are playing for the hotseat.



We are guaranteed 3rd at this point.  Wow!

We play super well and win 9-5.  :)  SUPER well.

We are now in the Finals!!  WOW!

The finals is scheduled for the next day (Sunday) at 6pm.  Yep, that's 6pm.

After a whole day waiting, we finally get to play.  However, we lose the first set of the finals 4-9.  Ouch!  That hurt!

Not only did it hurt, last year the team I was on, we got double dipped in the finals.  Yikes; please no repeat!

The next set (in this true double elimination final) goes all the way to the very last game needed:  hill-hill.  And we win it!!


Hill-Hill, Baby.

BCAPL Texas State Women's Team Champs!!

....... (details and more stories to come soon).....

Did I mention I was excited?

I am still on cloud nine!!  (hey, that could be a team name)

I'd liked to thank first the awesome competition we had.  The ladies teams kept getting tougher and tougher  - Texas female players play good!.

Second, I'd like thank my teammates for having faith in me and my decisions, for playing their freaking hearts out, and for the joy we had making precious memories together!  You ladies ROCK!!  So proud of you all!

Third, I'd like to thank BCAPL and Bad Boys Productions for putting the tourney together and running it for Texas.  I mean it when I say you make dreams come true:  winning a Title tournament is a dream come true and it couldn't have happened if you didn't hold the tournament to begin with.

Fourth, thanks to all our supporters!  From our awesome significant others, to the fantastic fans on the streams, to the cool friends back home, to the friends there in person:  Thank you.  :)



matthew said...

Congratulations on a great win!

Melinda said...

Thank you, Matthew!! Much appreciated :)

baabbzz said...

Love it!!!!!