American Billiard Radio Topics

As I mentioned in early February, I will be a regular contributor on American Billiard Radio (ABR)!

So, wanted to capture all the topics chatted about on the program:
  • June 15th:  David and I talked about "the crowd."  He called the segment, "the importance of a buffer-zone around high-tension play."
  • May 27th:  I shared with David my thoughts how tough it is, but yet the right decision, to move on to different, better teams.  It's a tough decision, but I'm proud of every player who takes this important step!
  • May 11th:  David surprised me with a topic:  To League or Not to League.
  • April 27:  David and I discussed pressure in matches.  Oh what fun that always is to experience.  :)  We received a request to talk about it, and I had recently helped a friend with the mental aspects of the game, too.  Who Doesn't Feel the Pressure?
  • April 13:  David and I discussed how the crowd is not against you.  It was a fun discussion that pointed out how to not let the crowd bother you.  Player vs. Spectator.
  • March 31:  David and I discussed self-awareness and mistake diagnosis
  • March 16:  I share the thought processes of those of who don't love playing on the stream table, against those who welcome playing on a stream table (and tell all their friends beforehand).  Are you Being Watched?
  • March 3, 2017:  David Bond (the host) was very surprised about my topic because it turns out he didn't realize he was been a distraction to others (I wrote about what transpired).  He entitled this piece, "Are You Rude?"
  • Feb 17, 2017:  My debut.  :)  This night we talk all about WATER!  

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