Saturday, April 30, 2016

Barking Gets Games

The other day, I heard about this player that was barking so much at another guy, it pissed him off so badly, he finally couldn't take it anymore and HAD to play the guy.

Normally he should get the 8ball, but he was so hot at all the barking that went on towards him for too long, his temper won and he gave in and just played even.

While the match ended up being close in the end, the player who /had/ to play because he was so riled up, ended up losing.

Days later I heard that the guy who was barking a lot told a friend of the situation.  He shared something like, "even tho I was prolly rude.... see?  He played; it works."

Interesting ploy.

There is so much to gambling and barking I don't understand, lol.

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