Friday, April 1, 2016

Have to Say Goodbye

This is a such a tough post to write, but it must be done.

I can no longer keep up with writing in my blogs.

I am trying to focus more on work and taking care of myself, and that actually is a lot of work and time.  And I need to just step back and re-evaluate my priorities.

So, I have to be smart, and I have to say goodbye for now.

Maybe some day I'll return.

Until then, hit the balls well, smooth stroke, and don't forget to enjoy the game we love to play!

Oh, and April Fools!  I aint going NOWHERE.  This blog is one of my absolute favorite things about playing pool! 


Babylon Brother said...

You dirty dog. And here I played 8-ball league last night after not touching a cue since Superbowl. All the while I was thinking, "What would Melinda do?" On my final shot, I scratched on the 8 but won all my other games. Damn near perfect.

Melinda said...

Sorry about the scare! Glad you did well last night since not playing since early Feb!