Monday, April 18, 2016


A friend of mine played in a tough little tourney this past Saturday.  I ran into her as I stopped in to say my hello's to everyone (I had plans later in the day and couldn't play myself this time).

She was up against some great players - and only 2 females played in the event.  It was a very top-heavy field.

Later that evening, she texted me about her pool day.  Saying she was proud she played, but disappointed and frustrated.

I texted back and shared that it's tough to play perfect every time we play, though.  And that it took balls to play in that event to begin with!

Her reply completely took me by surprise!

She texts back, "You can never play perfect.  Everyone wants to, but some wise woman told me once, "everybody misses, no matter how good they are."
- Melinda Bailey"

OMG did she just quote me!?  Seriously made my day.  :)

But seeing her play in that tourney ALSO made my day!  It wasn't a cheap-entry-fee tourney, it was a tough field, and even more so - I knew the experiences she gained from that day would be so very helpful to her future self.  I was excited for her!

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