Return the Faver

"Return the Faver"
Free Entry Fee Endeavor
In memory of Dave Faver
For his brave fight against cancer and his tenacity when he played pool; Never give up.

How do you choose who receives a Free Entry fee for the "Return the Faver" project?
  • A player may be selected randomly at tournament, 
  • A player may be selected ahead of time randomly, 
  • A player may be chosen ahead of time by me (Melinda) for certain tournaments.
  • Future:  Players submit why they should be chosen for a free entry fee, and then a committee will choose a recipient for the free entry fee.

How many free entry fees will be given every year?
  •  This will fluctuate based on my income, but I'm thinking for 2019 (the first year) at least $200 worth of entry fee's for the year.  For example, that could be around four $50 entry fees throughout the year that is given out.

Can I contribute to the "Return the Faver" Project?
  • Yes!  And welcomed to help out even more players in honor of Dave Faver.  Paypal email is address   

Will this only be for Tournaments in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area?
  • Nope.  The vision is to give away free entry fees to different tournaments throughout the year - ie, the same tour/tournament does not get more than one free entry fee in a single year.  

A list of all recipients will be posted throughout the year here:

January 2019:
  • Tony Sulsar from Texas:  Free ($60 value) entry fee for DFW 9 Ball Tour January stop at Rusty's Billiards in Arlington, Texas
  • ? from ?:   Someone will receive one free entry ($125 value) into the Open 9-ball event of the Junior Norris Memorial Shootout tournament, June 19-23!

To find out more about my dear friend Dave, please see this link.

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