Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Quit, Doesn't Mean I Quit

Sometimes after a tournament or league where we are so disgusted with our play, we want to quit.  We might exclaim to a few friends as we steam out the door,  "I'm done with this game."  Or, "I'm never playing again - what a waste of time money."

Yet all our friends know we will be back next week, or back again at the next tournament.

The next day you wake up feeling so much better.  You're not mad at all, and the night of sleep has calmed your hostility toward the game.  Instead, usually you're renewed in your pool game!  You want to work on your game some; maybe hit more balls than usual or reevaluate parts of your game.

Well, this proclamation confuses our significant others!  Especially those that don't play pool.  We come home from league mumbling, "I should have won all my games," as you walk in the door and exclaim your new-found wisdom: "I'm done playing this game.  I'm never playing league again."

You're very agitated. You think about how you keep coming home late, spending money, being around smoke.... for what?  Not winning the games you are suppose to?  You are very agitated you are playing so badly. 

Then next Tuesday comes along, and it's league night.  You're grabbing your things, pool cues, quarters, etc.  Your spouse looks at you like you're crazy.  "What the f*** are you doing?"

And you are startled by their question and tone.  What?  It's Tuesday.  I always play league on Tuesday. 

"What do you mean, what am I doing?  I'm going to league."

And they just look at you really confused, "you quit league last week.  Remember?"

You stand there a tad perplexed.  "I didn't quit league," you say as you head out the door.

"Why would I quit league?"  You continue to think as you start your drive to the pool room, looking forward to competing and testing your skills tonight. 

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