Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stepping In

Because I've run big tours for over 14 years (9 years with OB Cues Ladies Tour and 5 years with Omega Billiards Tour), I really enjoy being able to relax and just focus completely on playing pool when I get a chance to play in a tourney I'm not running.

However, since I'm a perceptive person especially of things going on around me, I also can't help but notice if any fellow Tournament Directors (TD) need assistance.  Then my instinct to help naturally kicks in.

At a tournament in early April, I noticed the TD struggling trying to fill out the tournament chart at the same time trying to collect all the calcutta money.  I could NOT STAND IT.  I /had/ to help.  I could only wait impatiently for about 5 minutes and then wiggled my way through the crowd and went right up to the chart and started adding the players names to their appropriate spots, while the real TD was collecting money and being bombarded with players coming up to pay him.

I recognized the tourney would start so much later if someone didn't intervene, and so because I feel very comfortable in my role as fellow TD, I just kinda stepped right in.  He thanked me later for the help, and we both recognized that you need two people sometimes to get a tourney started timely.

I also help at another locations.  In Feb I was at a tourney and was helping make announcements, helping with decisions, and pulling numbers for the draw, kinda all automatically when I recognized the TD was stressing dealing with unappreciative players.

My leadership skills kinda kick in magically and I love to help a tourney run smoothly.

Kinda funny... I am happy to play in events where I can focus on pool, but also happy to be able to help!

Obviously I don't do this at every tourney,  but more so at events where I am friends with the fellow TD or they could use some help to move things a long or help smooth things along.

I recall as I walked to help the TD in early April, one of my ex teammates in the crowd quipped, "I was giving you about 5 minutes before you jumped in to save him," lol.

Just who I am.  A little helper.

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