Friday, April 15, 2016

Commentating in my Ear

One Sunday of the previous Omega tournament (in March), I was watching the matches like I normally do as the Tournament Director.  I can't recall which one now that I had been focused on at that time, but it was a match still on the winner's side and deep in the tournament. 

One of the Omega players stopped by to see what was going on, and who was still left in the tournament.

He decided to stand right next to my chair.

And then he started to talk in my ear.  Well, talk near enough for me to hear.

He was pretty much giving me play by plays of the match.  Player A hit that ball good, or Player B wanted better shape.  Or, Player A should be out, or Player B should play a good safe here by sending the cueball down table and hide it behind the 5 ball.

Things like that.

He was pretty much my own little personal commentator.

While this may seem annoying to some, I LOVED IT!  100%

I respect the players game very much and to hear his thoughts about safes, or shape, or runs of this match was an awesome treat for me!  Play by plays can be very helpful watching pool.

I actually really enjoy dissecting a match and analyzing the decisions so I can learn more.  I am a very lucky girl in that I pick up A LOT by watching, but obviously to hear someone talk about a match and any options is even more powerful to my repertoire.

I am going to mention this the next time I see him!

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