Monday, August 4, 2014

A Pool Player - But So Much More

A few years ago, I was sitting in a local pool room, about to play in a match, and this girl walked by and stopped by my table.

She introduced herself and told me she was my biggest fan and always saw me, but finally had the courage to talk to me this night.

I shook her hand before she darted off, and blushed the whole time we chatted.


I'm just a little pool player.

At this point in my career, I hadn't won a dang thing!  No titles; no awards, nothing.  I was just a little pool player in a big city.

Eventually, we would become friends!  We would hang out at big tournaments, see each other more in the pool rooms, etc.  We were even on a team together last season on Monday nights, by accident!  It awesome getting to know her better over the years.  Although, we didn't really hang out away from pool.

So, imagine my tearful surprise when I got this message on FB from her after I won ACS Nationals:

"We don't see each other much. Yet I still miss you. It's's only because you aren't in the state. I'm so thrilled and elated for all of your amazing accomplishments. You have done some amazing things this year Mi Linda. Everyone is right, ya know. You're an amazing person and it's deserved. I can say I have never heard you speak down about anyone, something I cannot claim for myself. ...You are a person that one should strive to share similarities. Someone to look up to, and I do admire you. I admire you as a person first and foremost, you as one who sets and obtains goals, one who is passionate about loves their career, and of course your pool abilities. Which while earned via hard work and dedication, despite what you think, is also done through a natural grace and talent for the skill of the game. Good luck, congrats and be safe coming home!"

I admit I got a lot of congrat's after I won.  But... this post... meant SO much more to me.  

She didn't just congratulate me, she talked about my character as a person; not as a pool player.  This meant more to me than anything.  Because I am a good person/friend before being a pool player.  I strive to be a good, warm-hearted person who cares about others.  That, to me, comes before being a pool player.

I would rather be remembered for that, than for any pool accomplishments.

My Mom would be SO proud of the person I have become, I think.  

Here is my dear friend, Tami, after our team won first place last season:

And here she is being cool and funny, in the front in the white shirt:


Thank you for making me sob with your kind words and open, warm heart.  I am so glad you approached me that day over 4 years ago.  You are so amazing and kind!  I look forward to many more years as friends!!

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