Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Joys of Playing Badly

I played in The Omega Billiards Tour tournament yesterday. I haven't played in one in about six months or so.  But the heat of playing in such an event was intense for sure.

I need to play in four tournaments this year in order to be qualified for the$ 4,500 added season finale. So I needed to finally start that fulfillment, and decided this weekend was the time.

I admit I was more stressed than usual running this event for several reasons. And I don't know if that's why I played bad but I definitely didn't play like myself.

While I didn't really have a chance to win my first match I definitely had chances to win my second match. Instead I went 2 and out which was a lot of fun (absolutely not really).

I had moments of great shots, but just couldn't finish. Too much on my brain, and it wasn't all related to playing pool lol.

Of course someone tells me afterwards, "you should play more you, should get out more."

I knew that I was going to hear that from that person, but I still don't want to play a lot. I just wasn't fully into my game and that's what happens sometimes.

Not the end of the world; I just played badly.

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