Saturday, March 5, 2016

What a Forfeit Costs

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had to forfeit a couple of players at the January Omega Tour Stop.

What I wanted to further share was how those forfeits affected others.  Namely, the people that bought them in the calcutta.

Obviously, the people that were forfeited were not very happy.  One was fighting to stay alive on the one-loss side Saturday night and the other was on the winner's side still on Sunday morning.

The first guy I forfeited (on Saturday night), *I* had actually bought him in the calcutta.  So, that kinda shows how serious I am about people leaving the site for long periods of time and not being available for their matches.

On Sunday morning, the player who I had to forfeit was late to his match because he overslept.  The guy who bought him, was ALSO still on the winner's side on Sunday morning.

What did this mean?

This meant that the guy who bought him was steaming mad and then couldn't focus well on his own match!  He was very distracted by the fact the guy overslept and cost him money.

The player he bought is a really good player and so he went for a lot more money in the calcutta than the average person.  But it also meant his chances were lowered for him to get high in the tourney, because he was automatically pushed to the one-loss side.

So, forfeits don't just affect the players, but the calcutta buyers as well.

Something we don't always think about.

And yes, the guy lost his match because he was upset at the player he bought.  It's tough to focus when negative emotions enter our minds as we play pool.

The player who was late, he fought all the way into 5th place!  So, he did definitely got into the calcutta money, but even he agrees his chances would have been better from the winner's side.

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