Monday, March 7, 2016

"Tiny Habits" For Our Pool Game

BJ Fogg came up with this pretty cool thing called "Tiny Habits" that I just learned about.

Quickly, let’s look at what a tiny habit is and why they’re so much fun and easy to form.

The Rules

Rule #1: A tiny habit, according to Fogg, is a behavior:

1. You do at least once a day
2. Takes you less than 30 seconds
3. Requires little effort

Tiny habits must match the criteria above because the easier the behavior, the less it depends on motivation.

Rule #2: Tiny habits are designed to come immediately after an existing habit. You use the existing habit to trigger the new tiny behavior you want.

  • Make your bed immediately after you wake up
  • Do a few push-ups after you use the bathroom
  • Before going to bed, write in a journal, answering this question nightly: "What amazing 3 things happened today?"

These new "tiny habits" seem do-able, huh?  Doesn't take a lot of time, and most importantly, associate./follow with something you already do.

Now that you know Fogg’s rules, let’s try and apply it to our pool game!

Here are just a few suggestions, I'm sure you could think of a lot more, but this it to start you off:

  • After each match you play, write down in a journal something you learned from it.
    • Could be something mental or maybe a certain shot 
    • Could even be you controlled your emotions that match - what happened?
  • Before league, practice your toughest shot at least 5 times.
  • Before each big tournament (or match) review your mental checklist.
    • Checklists are great reminders of what we need to focus on.  And reviewing these before big matches is part of the path to success.

Hope this helps!  And if you start your own successful "tiny habit" and you would like to share it, let me know in the comment section below.  Then I'll do a follow up to this blog to share with others what worked.


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