Thursday, March 24, 2016

Paper Brackets - Goodbye, Mementos

I can tell I'm moving on from my pool playing days.

I recently came across all these paper brackets I had saved from the numerous Ladies Tour Second Chance tourneys that I won:

These paper brackets were proof of the little successful beginner in me. 

Let's face it, the first true steps in moving up the pool ladder are always the first few tourneys you win, no matter how small the field.  These tourneys only had 10-18 players, but your first wins are still so awesome, right?

I recall how after each win, I would be so proud to be able to take these home and save them to remember my accomplishments!  These wins were few and far between and I cherished them so much, and wanted to always remember them!  (so I thought.)

But, I have already delicately placed all these paper memories into my recycle bin. 

I felt funny parting with these large brackets, the proof of my early successes, but I admit the newer plaques and trophies obviously mean so much more to me.

But after I leave this world, who is really going to keep these around because the win column says "Melinda"?

Time to recycle.  :)

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