Friday, March 4, 2016

Breaking Cues

I always find it interesting when I hear of a player who used to be an angry player.  Unless we've known these players for years, I suppose how would we have know that? 

It's cool they have changed and are calm during matches now, instead of showing angry (negative) emotions like they used to.  I do love maturity for sure!

One of my friends recently told me to my shock that he used to get so upset during games that he would literally break cues over his knee.

What people don't realize is, this usually doesn't really indicate per se the person has anger issues, in my mind it instead indicates they hate to lose!  Everyone handles missed shots or losses differently.  Some get angry, some laugh, some try to hold it in, some break cues.

I asked him how he stopped that "habit" and he replied, "I started to dabble in making cues, so that taught me not to abuse them anymore."


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