Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wrong Team

While playing scotch doubles last weekend, my partner in our first match scratched while he pocketed the 8ball.  We were up 1-0, and would have been on our way at 2-0 but now it was 1-1.

No biggie.  We've overcome worse.

However, it happened again - very next game - he scratched while pocketing the 8ball.  Eeek.

Now the other team is up 2-1, and we have to go to 5, and they only have to go to 4. 

To make him feel better (because that can't possibly feel good), while he was racking I went up to  him and whispered, "they are going to be pissed when we still beat them."

"Yep," he says.

He and I both know we could come back and win and we weren't even worried.

Then our opponents started to "talk" and "nibble."

They told my partner, "hey, you're the best player on our team!"  And they laughed and laughed.

While this team is the type to jab in general anyway, and my partner (hopefully) could care less, I actually thought it was funny, too.  I immediately went to the other side of the bar to grab my phone to make a note so I could remember it to write this blog entry about it (I didn't want to forget).  hahaha.

However, it wasn't really that funny any more when we actually lost 4-3.  LOL.

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