Friday, March 18, 2016

Mr Calcutta

I'm the very first person to admit part of the success of the Omega Tour is the Player's Auction. 

Besides the fact it is 100% payback, it's also because of one of particular person:  Lonnie!

Lonnie plays on the tour, but more so, he's a huge supporter.  He tries to buy the most players at every event, and therefore has to dig deep in his pockets because he spends the most money.


Many people have correctly given him rounds of applause for his help in the success of the tour in bringing in extra money into the player's hands.

Therefore, I thought we should show him some tenderly love and appreciation.

I called Lonnie last week and told him a fib:  that my only night to be able to meet for dinner finally was Wed.  He's become a trustworthy friend of mine, so the invite didn't seem out of the blue. 

But I had planned that night in particular because I knew his birthday was only two days later, and had a surprise to give to him:

Click photo to enlarge and check out the engraved calculator!


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