Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Best Person for the Clutch Job (Intro)

(Intro to Part 1 of 4)

What I have learned through watching, learning, judging, and listening, is the clutch player may not be the person on the team that you would "expect" to be the clutch.  There are good reasons why, we just aren't privy to those reasons.

What are the characteristics of a clutch player?  Who do you want it to be?  Do you have a person on the team who can be all you envision for that important role?

Many of us have played under pressure.  But can we still perform well under pressure?  THAT is the key.  Sometimes the best pool player on a team doesn't play well in certain circumstances (yet).  Sometimes a great pool player cannot handle the pressure of having their play and decisions rest on their shoulders for the entire team.

I fully admit it's a lot to handle.

Here is my story:

I have gained so much experience being put in this position, that I now prefer to be the clutch person and can handle it.  I can handle losses now for the team without jumping off a bridge, lol;  I use a breathing routine to calm my nerves and adrenaline; I have more solid fundamentals; I have been in the clutch position during very big tournaments numerous times; and I am just now an over-all better pool player (finally).

All those combined have led to women's teams choosing me as the clutch person.  Which I embrace and welcome.

But what if you don't have a well-rounded player on your team?  What do you do then?  Let's examine some examples I have witnessed in my 20+ years of playing in leagues.

I will put them in separate blog entries so you wont be reading one long blog post for hours on end, lol.

So, tomorrow will be Part 1, the first example. 

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