Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What would You Do? Hill-Hill Shot

This was one of the shots, HILL-HILL, during my Sunday League playoffs, in the Finals!

What Would You Do?

My team was stripes.  Our opponent was at the table on the 8-ball.  He was accidentally left this shot, btw.

What Would You Do?

Everyone on the sidelines thought instead of going for the bank in the side (because he might sell out if he misses), to play safe and nestle the cueball behind the 9-ball as a safety.  He tried that, but was not successful.

We ended up winning.

TOUGH match.  Lots of unfortunate roles for the other team in this game, but my teammate prevailed over nerves and we won the playoffs hill-hill!

What Would You Have Done?


Richard Morgan said...

Playing safe is the best answer but make sure you get behind that 9

Anonymous said...

Tough spot for sure! Depending on the angle....I either try to cut it to the side or bank to this side and do so at a speed which leaves the cue ball married to the 9 if possible. Any side of the nine can work. So I go either one rail or two into the 9.

My theory when faced with a difficult safe and a difficult shot is to go down swinging...every time! In this case I have a chance to play a two way.

Ken Jennings

Anonymous said...

Carmon off the 8 into the nine and 9 in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

Carmon off the 8 and pocket the 9

Jeff said...

The safe is certainly the smarter shot. I can see a possible bank in the right corner close to the 14, which would take the cue ball to the other end of the table. If you miss it, but leave the 8 in front of the pocket, you might be able to block that pocket for the 14, preventing a sell-out.

Rusty said...

Bank the 8. If you're scared you should be at church on Sundays not league.
If you play safe and dont put the cue ball right on top of 9 ball then opponent can just tap the 14 with his next shot and leave cue ball snookered behind it, then youre gonna wish you wouldve just banked the 8 on previous shot